A privacy policy

About the personal information of the visitor

1. About collection / the use / the offer of the personal information
When I collect personal information, I perform this shop after having informed it of the collection purpose and an inquiry window beforehand.
In addition, I perform this within the purpose on the use and manage it by an appropriate method and do not do disclosure, the thing offering to the third person without consent.
In addition, a fruit does imposition, appropriate management by a contract when I entrust you with the handling of personal information outside so that leaks do not occur.

2. About the use / the offer of personal information entrusted with
This shop uses it within the trust contract about the personal information I receive it, and to do with trust processing and performs fair management.
In addition, I do not do that I disclose it and offer it to the third person.

3. About security of accuracy / the safety
I maintain accuracy and a safe state this shop prevents it about risk measures on the possible security side at a good time and and, about the personal information that this shop holds, I recognize risks such as the loss of the unjust access and personal information to the personal information, destruction, manipulation, a leak and the theft and correct it.

4. About the observance and the improvement of laws and ordinances
I respect personal dignity, and this shop observes laws and ordinances applied about personal information and other models and social order and a fruit applies this as the thing which there is and tries for improvement at any time.

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